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Posted by Aly "The Storyteller" On April - 16 - 2009


Unless you are living under a rock you should be fully aware that Arthas: Rise of The Lich King is supposed to hit shelves April 21st. In a sweet twist of fate and someone jumping the gun at Barnes and Noble I got my copy TODAY!!! Excuse me as I skip around my house in gleeful abandon.

Posted by Aly "The Storyteller" On April - 13 - 2009

Last week over on WoW Insider’s regular feature All the World’s a Stage, David Bowers brought up an interesting topic about the distinction between non roleplayers and roleplayers. Using his scale I’d be considered an RP agnostic. I have a strong sense of my characters but I don’t actual roleplay. I do reside on a roleplay server and I have created long and often elborate backstories in my mind for my characters. Given the chance I might role play but thing is I’m pretty scared to even try.

‘whew I’ve admitted it.

Yes I’m scared to actually role play. I have a fear that I might do it all wrong and come off looking so stupid. Instead I just mill about and sometimes have the great pleasure of catching people acting out a scene but I never taken part in it. Often times it feels like I might be intruding on someone. It’s kind of like walking down an isle in a grocery store and seeing a couple making out, you grab your bread as quick as you can and leave the isle hoping they don’t see you. Okay so it might not be like that exactly but you get my point.

So the question is how do people, such as myself, even get a start into roleplaying. What’s the equitte? How do you go about it all?


Posted by Aly "The Storyteller" On April - 9 - 2009

Yes I know I should be writing. I have a good start going and…erm… okay I’m not writing but I am doing something. I’ve finally dusted off Aly and starting to get her leveled up. She was looking so sad and lonely on my character selection screen. I figured it was time and while she is the middle sister I figure if she’s the one with the most power she should actually have some power. So finally late last night she hit 74. I don’t know about the rest of you but there is something about 71 to 73 that seem so painfully slow. I give props to people that have mulitple high level characters as well cause man that’s alot of work. I’ve been sitting at work during the slow times trying to figure out how am I going to even get Aly raid ready when she’s finally 80. It just seems so daunting, especially with all the changes coming with 3.1. ‘sigh

Well until next time I leave you with these two pictures. There are no words….


I swear my guild leader is gonna kill me hehe…


Looking back to move forward…

Posted by Aly "The Storyteller" On April - 1 - 2009

I realized the other day that in order to do this story right I’m going to have work on my history. It’s all great that in my mind I have these ideas of how each of the sisters came to be who they are but without a history it really means nothing. Who are their parents? What was their childhood like? Where exactly are they from? Things like that are important. Even though they might only be mentioned in passing they still make up the character. What’s even more important is that they be believable. Cause let’s face it if I ran around saying that they were the long lost daughters of Slyvanas Windrunner who the heck is gonna read that.

So over the next few days I hope to spend some time finding information. The wiki is a great place to start. I’ll also try and see if I can find some other information that’s out there. I’ve gotten a pretty decent start I believe. I just want to make it better. Hopefully I’ll be able to write up some individual character profiles and share them with you all. (I say this as if anyone is actually reading lol). Anywhose wish me luck. I hope to be back in a few days with the fruits of my labor. Until then I leave you with one of my favorite screenshots.


Oh yeah and I’m in serious need of a new wordpress theme. ‘sigh

The Haunted

Posted by Ilianah On March - 31 - 2009

Figments of the past haunt me. These flashes of a life so long ago. Perhaps they aren’t even my memories. The things I do remember chill me to the core. His voice always guiding me back to those thoughts. No matter how much I fight he will always be with me. More so now; now that I have returned to his home. To find him and bring myself salvation. Perhaps within that I will regain all that has been lost to me. Perhaps then I will find the meaning behind this locket.

Argmar’s Hammer, Dragonblight

Posted by Aly "The Storyteller" On March - 30 - 2009

Originally when I started this blog I had grand ideas. As you can see I haven’t posted anything, outside of the guest post, in about a year and a half. Back then I had stopped playing WoW. My guild had broken up, my friends left the game, I was a bit lost. After a few months we all found our way back, WoW has that addictive quailty, but still the blog sat lonely.

So now I’m going to try again. I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to do here. I’ve tried to have my main blog focus on everything and nothing and that hasn’t worked out to much. There is to much personal stuff mixed in amongst all the gaming stuff. This blog will focus on my WoW experiences of course but I’m not quite sure how much of that will be RPcentric or just random ramblings about the game. Plus alot has changed in regards to “the sisters”. I moved servers and left Nori behind. On my new server she became a hunter and a new sister was “found”. Ilianah, my new main a Blood Elf Death Knight. So there are things within the story that need to be changed a bit and I’ll be going back to fix a few things. Good thing this isn’t all lore or I’d be in trouble. LOL.

I’m not quite sure if anyone will read this or even how much I’ll update. I do know that I would like to finish this story. Or at least continue it. What I see in my head for the sisters and the storyline is awesome. It’s just a matter of putting it on the paper. So if you are here and you are interested stick around and hopefuly you’ll wind up enjoying your stay.

The meeting…

Posted by Aly "The Storyteller" On March - 30 - 2009

“If it was so important Alyannia would have come herself.” Said Methios, who was sitting up against a tree one leg stretched out, the other bent, with dagger in hand resting on the bent leg, cutting into an apple.

“My mistress sends word, she needs your help.” Responded Belnik, a demon imp, disgusting little creature no more the 2 feet in height, arms that reached the ground, head with ears point straight out, black skin and a faint green glow that emanates from the creature.

“That’s nice, can’t you see I’m busy, go bother someone else.” With that he put an apple slice in his mouth.

“But it concerns Lexanya, mistress fears she may be in trouble.” Said the demon.

Methios paused and stared at the imp. Panic rose in the little imps face. “Oh no!”
In an instant Methios had knocked the imp on the ground and was standing over him, his foot on Belnik’s chest.

“Why wouldn’t you mention this when you first showed up, instead of just demanding for me to go to Alyannia?” as Methios asked this applied some pressure to the demons chest, making him squirm.

“If I knew mentioning the sister would have brought you to her, I would have mentioned it sooner. My mistress did not say it would be difficult to have you answer her call,” replied Belnik.

Methios staring at the demon applied a great amount of pressure. Belnik now eyes wide, mouth open, gasping for breath, pushed with all his might to remove the foot without success.

“No I don’t think I will go see your mistress. If Lex was in trouble she would have called on me by now.” Releasing the imp from beneath his foot Methios was on his way back to his seat when a young girl ran up to them. Making eye contact with Methios, she trips over the little imp still lying on the ground, holding his chest in pain.

“OWE!! I think you broke a rib!” shouted Belnik at Flora, who was now scrabbling to get back on her feet. “Hey where you going, I demand an apology!” continued Belnik. Methios who was now laughing at Belnik stopped abruptly and disappeared into the shadows.

The girl now on her feet turned to face Belnik and pulled out her dagger. “What are you going to do with that little one? Methios tell her to put the dagger away or I will burn her little face off.” Belnik turned to face Methios. “Methios?”

Out of nowhere two flayers burst onto the scene, the first not taking his eyes from the girl trips as well on Belnik and hits the ground hard. Taking this opportunity she jumps on the back of the grounded flayer and stabs with all her weight into its back. The flayer not hurt but angered starts to shake twist and turn trying to get her off, using the impaled dagger as a handle she holds on for her life.

“I AM NOT A DOOR MAT!!” shouts Belnik and hits the flayer in the face with a fireball, igniting the lose skin.

While the girl pulled the dagger free she hears from behind her, “Aim for the base of the skull.” With what strength she has left jams the dagger into the base of the flayer’s skull killing it instantly. The girl turned to  face the voice behind her sees Methios beside the second flayer, decapitated at his feet.

“Took you long enough” said Methios.

“Where was your help, you left me to defend myself against a Flayer with the help of a little girl!” shouted Belnik.

“Shut up you lived, plus it looks like to me that the little girl did all the work,” responded Methios as he made his way over to her, who had collapsed, and was now on the ground kneeling. Her arms covered in flayer’s blood at her side, dagger still in hand, staring at the now dead flayer.

Methios stood over the girl, staring in deep thought. After several minutes of silence he asked “What’s your name?”


“Is your family close by?”

Looking at the flayer “About a dozen of them attacked our caravan, they are all dead.”

Methios whistled and from behind several trees came out a black raptor. From a side satchel pulled out a small flower about the size of a finger. Putting the flower in the girl’s collar. “Now to get back to the main road you will need to follow the river which is” Methios paused and looked in several directions, and then pointed eastward “straight that way.”

Still in shock over everything that happened Flora stood and stared in the direction Methios had pointed.
“At the river take a right and you should after a day’s walk hit the main road.” Flora nodded that she understood. At this Methios mounted and started to ride away.

“Hey wait for me” shouted Belnik, who jumped onto the back of the mount. Watching the Blood elf and little demon ride away Flora waited for a goodbye that never came.

After riding in silence for fifteen minutes Methios final spoke. “’You don’t choose the life of a rogue its chooses you’ was the first thing Lex ever said to me.” Again the silence continued until “Where is Alyannia?”

Belnik smiled “Mistress will be pleased”

((guest post by Methios))

The Spirit Healer

Posted by Lexanya On December - 14 - 2007


That visit from Jonathon has shaken me more than I’d care to admit. I thought I could run from my past and that if I ran far enough it would not find me. I guess I was wrong. So now I must continue on my journey knowing they are trying to find me. I can not go back until I find the answers and as much as it pains me to hide from Nori it just must be done. I know she will be fine without me just a bit longer and I wish I could say the same about Alyania. I just can’t worry about them both right now. For once I just need to worry about myself.

It seems like forever since I’ve picked up my blades. It was careless of me to believe I could just get by on smoke and mirrors. I am finding myself again even if it is with great difficulty. The spirit healer has become somewhat of a new friend in recent days. While she does not say much when I find myself upon her I know that my mistakes have brought me to her. There is a warmth about her even in the coolness of death, if one can even call it death. I have seen death and on a great many instances caused death but I’m not sure this is it.

Either way it is time for me to find the shaman. I know he is out here in Kalimdor somewhere. I guess the best place to start is Orgrimmar.


Darling Sister

Posted by Aly "The Storyteller" On December - 3 - 2007

“No! We’ve done it your way and now we’ll do it my way.”

“Aly please hear reason. It’s only been a month. Jonathan will return with word. Please just give it a little more time.”

“Let’s be realistic, Flamededge is probably in Westfall lighting little gnomes on fire for sport. Besides do you honestly believe some pathetic heartfelt letter from little sissy is going to bring Lexanya home. I highly doubt it had any affect on her. Lexanya does not bend for the emotional Nori, not even for you.” There was an almost sadistic pleasure in the words. Alyania had hoped this would be enough to get her sister to leave so that she could find out real information.

“How dare you speak of her like that. She’s our sister Alyania. Whatever you choose to believe is fine but I will not let you taunt me like when we were children. I am grown now and I can form my own opinions. I know Lexanya better than you ever will. She’ll come home. Regardless of whatever scheme you have planned.” And with that Noricissa stormed out.

“Finally. Little spoiled brat. Belnik! Belnik you no good minion, SHOW YOURSELF NOW!” Alyania was not happy. Not happy at all. In her room deep below the streets of Murder Row in Silvermoon, she began pacing the outline of a worn purple summoning circle. On little shelves around the room sat jars of oddities that would scare and disgust even the most learned mage. Grimoires left open haphazardly on tables outlined notes on enslaving demons and curses to destroy armies. Glowing green mana crystals gave off an eerie light. In this room deep below the city Alyania Raventhorne practiced the often shunned demonic warlock magic.


Alyania’s temper was rising. She’d sent her lowest minion out to gather information about her sister and he had not returned yet. Alyania had allowed her younger sister to believe that she’d be sitting by idly waiting for this letter to soften Lexanya’s heart. She knew the effort was of no use so she tried her own special talents at finding her. All her attempts to magically find her sister had failed and failure was not something she accepted easily. Alyania’s nerves where on end and there was only one thing that could soothe her. Slowly Alyania walked the length of her circular room and stopped in front delicate golden table adorned with exotic jewels. On top of this table sat a medium glass box. Simple and unassuming but inside held a cure to calming Alyania’s nerve. She peered inside the box and smirked at the silvery blue mana worms as they floated about. Alyania licked her ruby red lips and slowly opened the lid. The mana worm she selected gave off blue hue and she stroked him playfully. She allowed the worm to circle her arm as she gently caressed him. Then without warning she slowly sucked the life out of his plump body. The worm struggled, trying to bite her hands with his sharp dagger like teeth. Alyania closed her eyes and chanted words in a demonic tongue. Slowly the worm gave up his fight as she sucked more and more mana from his body. Eventually the worm, with its life over, shriveled up into a sliver orb and fell to the hard stone floor. At this moment Alyania opened her eyes and a sadistic sort of pleasure filled her visage. Her eyes suddenly flared a bright green like that of the finest emerald. She took a deep breath and smiled.


“Yes my mistress. I am here my mistress.” A little green demon appeared at her feet with a pop. He seemed to be enveloped in a cloud of green smoke. Belnik stood no taller than 2 feet tall. Dressed in rags and shaking terribly he stared up at Alyania with an expression of hatred. “As if you hadn’t bellowed enough,” he mumbled under his breath.

“I warn you Belnik, I can here every word that comes out your disgusting little mouth.”

“Yes mistress.” He bowed even lower, almost kissing her feet.

“Well what have you found out?”

“I followed the mage as you instructed mistress. It seems he did indeed fullfil his promise to the young one. The mage found Lexanya in the port town of BootyBay. He gave her the letter but then she vanished.”

“Vanished? You allowed her to vanish! You had better come up with some reasonable explanation and quick or you will be dinner for Wraamon.”

“Yes mistress. Yes mistress. I have more information,” he rubbed his hands together and giggled madly.

“So is she still in that god forsaken town?”

“No mistress. The mage gave her the sealed letter from the young one but she did not open it, no she did not. Instead that night she boarded a ship to Ratchet.”

“So she is in Kalimdor?”

“Yes mistress. My information last leaves her in the town of Ratchet but she hasn’t been seen there in a few days, no she has not mistress.”

“Kalimdor? What could she be doing in Kalimdor?” Alyania said this more to herself than to Belnik. With this new information Alyania hurried around her room looking through books and scrolls. Trying to find some fact she might have missed, something or anything that would explain her sister’s desire to travel to Kalimdor.

“Excuse me mistress but I might know. Yes Belnik knows somethings mistress.”

“Oh do you, you insipid little demon.” Alyania had already forgotten he was there. It was easy to do so. “Speak.”

“Belnik has heard a story mistress, yes a story. Belnik learned from another that Lexanya is having nightmares. She is in search of an answer mistress. Mistress, Lexanya is in search of a shaman to guide her to an answer.”

“Belnik, I am not amused.” Alyania raised her hand and within her palm a sudden ball of smoke appeared.

“No mistress.” Belnik begged and his eyes seemed to water. “Belnik swears mistress this is true. I hear stories mistress but Belnik does not lie to his mistress.”

Alyania played with the smoke in her hand. Eyeing Belnik with disgust she contemplated ending his life but realized it would mean yet another minion she’d have to train. She brought the smoke to her lips and gently blew the ball away. ”Belnik, I warn you now if you have lied to me I will kill you without hesitation.”

“Belnik knows this mistress.” He bowed and kissed the ground Alyania stood upon. He knew that mere ball of shadow would have ended his life. Belnik was crazy but he was no fool. Even at her young age Alyania was a powerful warlock, beyond the skill of most blood elf warlocks of The Sanctum.

“Good and do not forget that. Now Belnik I need you go to on another mission. This one is highly important and Noricissa must not find out. Do you understand?”

“Yes mistress. Belnik is eager to do your bidding.”

“Belnik find me Methios.”

A small plea

Posted by Noricissa On November - 27 - 2007

Dearest Sister,

I write this in hopes that it reaches you. It has been too long without contact and I am unsure of where you might be. I am sending Jonathan in hopes that he can make contact.

I have good news from Slivermoon sister. I have been inducted into brotherhood of Blood Knights. It is a great honor and I have passed my first trial. It was quite difficult. I had to venture to a small isle on the lake near Suncrown Village. Remember that village, we use to summer there as children. I know what you are going to say, I should not have given up the calling mother wished for me but you must understand times have changed. I know you both wished for me to become a Priestess for our people but becoming a Blood Knight is my true calling sister. Please be happy for me.

Lexxie I need you to come home. I do not ask this of you out of the need to see my oldest and dearest sister. I ask because there is something wrong with Alyania. No she is not ill in that way. There is something else. I can not explain it. She has been able to control her addiction to the arcane but sister she has strayed far from her path of magi. Lexxie she has become a warlock. I am afraid for her. Her power is growing stronger and I fear it will corrupt her. Please Lexxie come home.

Love always,


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